Louise Wei

Born in Taiwan in 1982, she is definitely one of those people who has too many interests at the same time. And it all started with: Comic. It has been Louise’s passion ever since she was 7, her big brother introduced her to the Cantonese Kung-Fu comic phenomenon – Fung Wan 風雲 – it’s still her favourite comic even now. At the age of 15, she organised a few creative comic fan clubs and self-published a some comic books and zines. Out of her growing interest in comic art, this led to Taipei National University of the Arts, but she also found herself as lead-singer in her Gothic Metal band Lamentation and keyboard player in Black Metal band Chthonic (as “Luis Wei”) for most of her time in uni. She didn’t forget her passion for art though: she also designed music album covers for Taiwanese bands such as ChthonicSeraphim and Anthelion, and solo-exhibited her live-music photography in Formoz Festival in 2003. While her working in the music scene, she has also been a visual/publishing/web designer, media agent, masseuse and translator. She moved to London, UK in 2009. Her latest position is: A happy comic creating homemaker 🙂 Funny how everything leads us back to the beginning isn’t it!

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Photo by Magdalena Ratika